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Testimony - Beauty among Ashes

I have to testify that for more than a year I had been suffering from intense pain in my left hip that was preventing me from walking correctly and kept the area around it and down my left leg numb. Since I entered that Beauty under Ashes congress on Friday, I told the Lord, do as you wish, but I am not going to stop at the function that is my turn (Sounding my Shofar), that day I struggled a lot to stay standing. On Saturday morning during the service I began to feel different. I touched my leg and I didn't feel it before and that discomfort that numbness produces began to decrease. When I left there my whole outlook began to change and at night everything was in order. . There has been no more pain, my movement was recovered and I know that God and his Holy Spirit did the miracle in my life.

Irca's testimony

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